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Editorial & Community Management Services

Building a great web site is a good first step, but a constant supply of relevant, high quality content is the key to success for a web community. Not only can WebWise build your web community site and host it on our high-availability, fully backed-up, earthquake resistant servers, we can also provide ongoing editorial and management services that will keep your content cooking and breathe life into an existing site that has grown stale (it happens to everyone!).

So if you are hosting your own site on your own server, but need some help managing the community and keeping community content flowing, we can help. WebWise has twelve years of experience managing corporate communities, and can put our experience to work for you at very competitive rates.


Here are the services you'll receive when you engage WebWise for Editorial and Community Management. We perform all of following services at the time commitment you select. (You can tweak the commitment to meet your needs. For example, if you have a big event twice a year and you need extra community support during those events, you can add hours to your contract as needed, and revert back to your regular contract whenever you want.)

  • Copy editing
    We keep your site sounding professional by editing the community-created stories for grammar, spelling, and courteousness. We'll also use your corporate style-guidelines to ensure all your brand names are properly spelled.
  • Content posting
    As easy as it is to post on our sites, some contributors are just more comfortable submitting Word documents. We'll format all kinds of submissions and post them on the site as needed.
  • Ego Massage
    Community members need stroking to encourage them to post content. We watch for likely candidates, and reach out to them individually to help them take the leap and start posting.
  • In-house talent cultivation
    Working from your own list of "who's who" at your company and their individual areas of expertise, we build a stable of regular insider talent and offer them opportunities to respond to forum questions, write articles, and produce regular blogs.
  • Incentives
    Since altruism is a fleeting motivator, we provide a wide range of incentive programs (additional fees apply) that make it attractive for your contributors to work in the site regularly. From Reputation programs, to Rewards Points programs, with several stops in between, WebWise knows what can turn site lurkers into passionate and confident posters.
  • Content Magnification
    Almost every piece of content posted on a site is a potential springboard for deeper exploration and commentary by the community. We keep a sharp eye out for opportunities to magnify interesting topics and use them to generate community activity from surveys to contests to Open Calls for comments.


It takes regular, consistent attention to turn a static site into a vibrant, active web community. Depending on the nature of your site, and the liveliness of the visitors, you may need help for just a couple of hours a week, or you may need the equivalent of two full-time people to operate the community for you. It's really up to you; there's a direct correlation between the site's refresh rate (the frequency with which new content is posted) and a site's popularity and return visitor rates. You can engage WebWise to manage your community for a specific number of hours per week, at the following rates.

Please note: the hourly rate drops as you increase the number of hours you contract. That discount is contingent on a 90-day minimum contract.

Commitment Hours per week Hours per quarter Cost per quarter Cost per year Hourly Rate
base rate $65.00
1 day a week 8 96 $5,928 $23,712 $61.75
2 days a week 16 192 $11,263 $45,053 $58.66
3 days a week 24 288 $16,050 $64,200 $55.73
4 days a week 32 384 $20,330 $81,320 $52.94
5 days a week 40 480 $24,142 $96,568 $50.30

WebWise Editorial and Community Management Services - Pricing as of July 2007

Additional price breaks are available on request if commitment exceeds 40 hours per week. For more information, or to purchase these services, contact us.