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Full Service Packages

Using the premier community technology available today, WebWise Solutions can create your online community quickly and painlessly, giving you a site that will give your customers and partners a place they'll want to visit every day. Once we've gotten your site up and running, we offer three different levels of service, so you can choose how much of your community you want to manage yourself, and how much of it you'd like to have us do for you.

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Our Service Packages include:

Silver Service

If you already have plenty of content and in-house editorial resources to support your own site, our Silver Service is perfect for you. Based on your site requirements, we design and create your community site, host it on our server, and provide training to your in-house editors so they'll feel comfortable managing and posting content, and administering your site and users.

As part of your yearly renewal fee, WebWise will ensure that your site is always upgraded to the latest and greatest version of our product, and will provide ongoing site maintenance and technical support for you and your staff. (Average service commitment: 2-4 hours per week.)

Up & Running: $30,000
Silver Service: $30,000/year
To purchase this package, contact us at services@webwiseone.com

Gold Service

If you would like WebWise to help you operate your community once it's up and running, you can put our years of community management experience to work for you with our Gold Service. This is perfect for companies whose editorial resources are already stretched thin, or who prefer an outsource model for their content needs.

With Gold Service you'll get the same kind of site that is offered at the Silver Service level, but WebWise will also help you with the content posted in your community, providing editorial services on content submissions, formatting graphics, monitoring your forums, creating and sending newsletters to your members, managing the rewards program (including prize fulfillment), and administering your users. (Average service commitment: 8-10 hours per week.)

Up & Running: $30,000
Gold Service: $50,000/year
To purchase this package, contact us at services@webwiseone.com

Platinum Service

At the Platinum Service level, WebWise will take responsibility for every aspect of your site. As in the other packages, your site is designed and built according to your needs, and WebWise provides hosting and site administration.

At this level, there is almost no impact on your in-house staff. WebWise provides a site editor dedicated to the success of your community, creates fresh content, actively solicts community members to be more and more involved with your site, moderates the forums and screens out inappropriate comments, creates and sends weekly newsletters to your site members and other customer lists you may have, works with your partners to place ads in your site, manages and administers a rewards program on your site, and supplies monthly reports to you measuring key success metrics of your site. WebWise becomes your community partner -- dedicated to making your community a success in every way. (Average service commitment: 16-20 hours per week.)

Up & Running: $30,000
Platinum Service: $80,000/year
To purchase this package, contact us at services@webwiseone.com

WebWise Services á la carte

In addition to the Service Packages outlined above, WebWise Solutions offers some special services you can purchase on an á la carte basis, as the need arises.

  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  • Online Surveys: Design, Creation, and Execution
  • Training
    • How to administer your Drupal Community
    • Creating a Community: Encouraging Community Participation
    • Writing for the Web
    • Unleashing the Creativity of your Community Members

For information about WebWise á la carte services and pricing, email services@webwiseone.com