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WebWise Solutions was founded in 2001 with a mandate to focus on the customer.   Our purpose was to create and foster world-class online communities for the end-users of enterprise software products.  By deepening the satisfaction and loyalty of their customers, we have contributed to the success of technology giants such as Adobe, Dell, HP, Omniture, SUSE, Altiris, Symantec, NetIQ, Novell, and Micro Focus.

We continue to work for many of these brands, and engage with hundreds of their original customers — in fact we still manage the two communities that started it all:  GroupWise and ZENworks Cool Solutions, now owned by Micro Focus.

Over the years we have built on that foundation, and magnified our focus on the customer experience by helping clients understand:

  • the content needs they express via their search terms
  • the behaviors they display when they visit a website
  • their opinions and preferences
  • how other websites and emerging trends shape their expectations
  • inbound marketing best practices

We help our clients understand how their actual customers are responding to the layout, UI and messaging on their web pages. And then we test and refine the content, layout, and design of their most important pages.  Our work has been instrumental in improving macro- and micro-conversions, increasing leads, and cultivating measurable increases in customer satisfaction and brand loyalty.

Strategically located at the south end of Utah’s famed Silicon Slopes technology center,  we can attract superb talent when staffing for special projects and long-term contracts alike.

Our philosophy...

“We take most of the money that we could have spent on paid advertising and instead put it back into the customer experience. Then we let the customers be our marketing.”

– Tony Hsieh — CEO, Zappos

WebWise Team Spotlights

Susan Salgy
Susan SalgyFounder, President
Susan was one of the original founding partners, and is now the sole owner of WebWise Solutions
UX | CRO 97%
Writing | Editing 95%
Community Strategy 94%
Inbound Marketing Strategy 97%
Taylor Farnsworth
Taylor FarnsworthProject Manager
Taylor is a Senior Project Manager and manages massive web community projects for WebWise clients
Project Management 100%
Program Management 93%
Community Strategy 92%
Process Improvement 85%
Madeleine Low
Madeleine Low Web Writer | Editor
Maddy is an experienced web writer, editor and professional blogger.
Marketing Content 96%
Corporate Blogging 98%
Social Media 95
Beth Goodman
Beth GoodmanWeb Project Manager
Beth Goodman is a Senior Project Manager and we entrust some of our biggest clients and projects to her.
Project Management 98%
Javascript 95%
Scrum 83%
Agile Methodology 94
Hannah Chudleigh
Hannah ChudleighWriter | Editor
Hannah is a writer, editor and corporate blogger.
Web Marketing Content 97%
Editing 95%
Social Media 91%
Technical Writing 90%
Clint Harris
Clint HarrisProject Manager
Clint is a Senior Project Manager who specializes in highly technical engineering projects.
Project Management 97%
Process Improvement 95%
Agile Methodology 94%
Brandon McBride
Brandon McBrideSearch Engine Marketing (SEM)
Brandon specializes in SEO and PPC strategy.
SEO 98%
Google Analytics 95%
Google Adwords 83%

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