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Susan is one of the original founders of WebWise Solutions, and is now the sole proprietor of the company. She and a partner created the company in 2001 to build and manage the end-user communities of several enterprise software companies, including Novell, Symantec, SUSE, Micro Focus, Dell, Omniture, Adobe, and many others. Susan went on to develop additional lines of business doing UX research and CRO consulting, web writing and editing, and content marketing strategy for many of their clients. She built, developed and managed a global team that delivered UX/CRO services to a number of sales and marketing teams at Micro Focus and SUSE.

Part 2: Be careful what you ask for: Designing Tasks for Qualitative Studies

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In Part 1, we discussed the fundamentals of good task writing that apply to any kind of usability study. Now let's dial in on the right way to write tasks for qualitative [...]

Part 1: Be careful what you ask for: designing the right tasks for usability tests

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Failure for a UX researcher goes like this:  You test the usability of a client's app or website, make discoveries, which lead to recommendations, which cause them to change things (or [...]

The Staying Power of Brand Names, and the Smart Way to Shift Them

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Shakespeare was right. A rose by any other name will smell as sweet.  But it won't be found by people who are Googling for roses. If you ever decide to change [...]